Pediatric Urology

v-pediatric4Pediatric urology is the clinical diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases concerning the male and female urinary tracts and male reproductive organs in children. Two of the most frequent urologic problems that occur in children, which most people do not realize, are undescended testis in boys and hernias. Other common problems, which are sometimes complicated, include bladder control/incontinence, urinary tract stones, urologic cancer and genital abnormalities.

While pediatric urologists focus on surgical treatments, they also have vast knowledge of internal medicine and gynecology, as well as pediatric medicine, in order to treat and interact with children.

From a simple bedwetting problem to a genital abnormality which requires reconstructive surgery, it is best to have your child examined by a pediatric urologist. These doctors have extensive education, training and daily experience in effectively diagnosing and treating pediatric urological problems.

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